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29th January 2022 
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My name is Fiona Brown and I am a mobile Reflexologist based in Ramsey, Isle of Man.

My mobile reflexology service not only covers Ramsey but the whole of the north of the Island. This could be a home visit in the comfort of your own home or even your workplace (if its ok with your boss!!) whatever is convenient for you. Reflexology has lots of benefits not only physically but mentally and spiritually too. I want to be able to bring the benefits of regular reflexology to a broader spectrum of people and also to employers looking at ways to improve mood, stress, fatigue, tension and general wellbeing of their staff. By being a mobile reflexologist I am hoping to make reflexology in Ramsey and the north of the Isle of Man more accessible.

"If you're feeling out of kilter, don't know why or what about,
let your feet reveal the answer, find the sore spot, work it out"
Eunice D Ingham Reflexology Pioneer

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Are you stressed?

Reflexology could help reduce your stress levels in 2019. Many of us are looking to complementary therapies to help reduce our stress levels and take better care of our overall health and wellbeing.

Alarming new reports have been published with recent university research finding stress to be a major factor in 75 percent of all diseases. Researchers have discovered that the more stress, frustration, anger, and sadness that someone experiences the less able their hearts were able to respond effectively and recover. It was as though the pressure exerted on the heart by the constant emotional ups and downs of stress caused it to stretch beyond it’s capacity to bounce back to normal.

The reports show that reflexology applied by a professional reflexologist, has been proven by Bond University to significantly reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. It helps by inducing deep relaxation, releasing muscular tension, improving nerve function and increasing blood and lymph circulation throughout the organs and glands. A reflexology treatment with a professional reflexologist will also help sufferers of back, shoulder, neck and hip pain.

Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and are released from the pituitary gland, along with mood boosters and sleep hormones serotonin and melatonin. These help improve our sleep, and make us more content and make us feel less stressed.

Those suffering from sore, painful feet and neuropathy will benefit from having the reflexes and nerve endings stimulated as it will help to release tightness and pain and soften ligaments and tendons. Standing and walking is more comfortable and less painful after reflexology treatment and symptoms such as pins and needles and numbness will decrease.

Reflexology may be the perfect way for you to bring balance and relaxation back into your life.

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The Association of Reflexologists

I am a full member of The Association of Reflexologists which means I have met their strict standards of reflexology practice, and that I am committed to continually developing my skills and knowledge, together with agreeing to abide by the Association's Code of Practice and Ethics. You can find me on The Association of Reflexologists website.